+ New Production
Projected Budget: 1,050,000

  1. Research, produce, edit and translate over 250 new Sichos, conversations, and archival clips with the Rebbe for Living Torah and other videos.
  2. Release at least two full-length Farbrengens.
  3. Launch new Ketoim “Highlights at 770” series with commentary narration.
  4. Release at least one additional major production.
  5. Launch Living Torah in at least one new language.
  6. Manufacture and Ship 60,000 DVDs to locations around the world.

+ Research and Collaboration Department - New Department!
Projected Budget: 225,000

  1. The staff of this new department will assist outside scholars, organizations, publications, and events to research, curate, and produce our materials for their events and productions.
  2. Assist at least 500 other authors, students, organizations, publications, and events to research, and produce our materials for their events and productions.
  3. Research and produce content for at least 20 major international events and broadcasts.
  4. Assist, research, touch-up and deliver 1,000+ photos for publication by non-JEM releases and media outlets.
  5. Launch website to assist outside individuals and organizations who wish to incorporate JEM materials in their projects.
  6. Working with the organizers of the Shluchim and Shluchos conferences, research and produce at least 10 special videos for the major sessions.
  7. Touch-up and fulfill 1,000 specific photos of individuals.
  8. Edit and fulfill over 400 specific videos by individual request.

+ My Encounter with the Rebbe
Projected Budget: 355,000

  1. Research and record 225 new My Encounter with the Rebbe testimonies.
  2. Record at least 80 women among that number.
  3. Transcribe 450 interviews, approximately 7,500 pages transcripts.
  4. Publish 52 Here’s My Story weekly releases.
  5. Go on at least 2 “road trips” to cities with a high number of interviewees.
  6. Increase locations distributing Here’s My Story by 50% to 2,760 locations weekly.

+ Social Media - New Department!
Projected Budget: 120,000

  1. Launch, maintain, and update our English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and Russian YouTube channels. Improve titling and tagging.
  2. Increase from 1.5 million to 5.5 million views of YouTube and Facebook video.
  3. Increase viewership of JEM videos on Chabad.org and affiliate sites from 1.2 million to 3 million views.
  4. Launch WhatsApp groups in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Russian.
  5. Send out 1.2 million videos via WhatsApp.

+ Platform Development
Projected Budget: 355,000

Living Torah App

  1. Curate content for 145 fresh homepages (thrice weekly), in English and French languages, and ultimately in five languages.
  2. Launch all-new Living Torah App 2.0 featuring:
    • All-new interface
    • Greatly enhanced keyword and content searches
    • Downloadable videos
    • Easier signup.
  3. Launch Hebrew and Russian Living Torah Apps.
  4. Achieve 2,500,000 video views in the Living Torah app.

Free Video Portal

  1. Launch and update free video site featuring 100 favorite videos of the Rebbe on the 10 most-searched topics.

Photo Site

  1. Improve TheLivingArchive.org photo site, including faster access, and easier tagging and ordering.
  2. Publish an additional 100,000 photos on TheLivingArchive.org.


  1. Plan and build the infrastructure for JEMbox – a platform to allow direct to screens via IPTV, as well as incredible access to thousands of videos, for a 2016 rollout.
  2. Remaster all past JEM productions; organize subtitles and all associated media for delivery in JEMbox and other delivery platforms.

+ Preservation and Archive Development
Projected Budget: 225,000

  1. Organize and preserve 250,000 original negatives.
  2. Scan and catalog 100,000 photos from original negatives.
  3. Organize and preserve 1,000 interviews, reformat them, and ingest into the Media Access Management system to enable quick access and availability to the research and production operations.
  4. Preserve and catalog 1,000 hours of historic Lubavitch archival video recordings.
  5. Restore, preserve, organize, and catalog 1,300 hours of raw audio recordings from original source tapes.
  6. Manage nearly 1 petabyte of archival video, audio, and photos, and continue to upgrade the systems and metadata to assure their long term durability and smooth access.
  7. Add hundreds of thousands of tags, names, transcripts, subtitles, and other metadata to our Media Access Management system, enabling quicker and more powerful access.

+ Infrastructure
Projected Budget: 220,000

  1. Upgrade our Media Access Management System, adding subtitling capability, tag, name, content, transcript and other metadata entry and search for quicker and more powerful access.
  2. Upgrade production capacity by acquiring new collaborative Avid Unity production system with 350 terabyte capacity and 10 clients.
  3. Maintain and upgrade hardware and software systems for 30 full-time and 25 part-time staff members.

+ Administrative
Projected Budget: 450,000

  1. Provide strategic planning and operations to execute JEM’s far-reaching goals.
  2. Hire an Operations Director to guide JEM’s growth to “the next level.”
  3. Raise the funds to enable JEM to continue and grow on its vital mission.
  4. Provide* human resources* for full-time staff of 30.
  5. Book keeping for budget of $3.2 million.
  6. Provide* overhead* such as rent, utilities and office expense, insurance and other support for all of JEM’s activities.

Projected income: 

Sales: $825,000
Donations and dedications from people like you: $2,175,000